Items We Take

We take a wide range of items. It would be almost impossible to name everything we take but here are a few of the top items:


We take any type of gold, silver or platinum jewelry. We weigh up your piece and give you fair market value on whatever it is you bring in. It doesn't matter if it is broken or not, we can still give market value for your broken gold, platinum or silver.

Game systems

PS3's up to $40, PS4's up to $125; XBOX360's up to $30, Xbox One consoles up to $125; Nintendo Wii U up to $80, Nintendo DSI or 3DS up to $65. The item's must include the chargers and be in good working condition.

Video Games

PS3 & PS4 games/XBox 360 & Xbox One/Wii Games-Must be in original case and not be scratched.


Televisions have to be in good working condition, and can not be older than five years old. The remote is not required but it is nice to have if possible. Prices vary but here is a guideline.

19"-up to $40

22"-27"-up to $65

29"-32"-up to $75

39"-42"-up to $140

46"-49"-up to $200

50"-55"-up to $350

60" and bigger-up to $500

DVD/Blu-Ray Players

These items must be in good working condition also. Remote is not required but if you have it please bring it.

Dvd players-up to $15

Blu-ray players-up to $30

DVD Movies/Blu Ray

We take both DvD's and Blu-Rays. Must have original case and can not have scratches.

Dvd movies-up to .50cents per movie

Blu-ray movies-up to $1.00 per movie


We take all kinds of tools, but we prefer them to be in good condition. We do take loose tools and tool boxes also.

Musical Instruments

Guitars, keyboards, guitar amps and bass amps.


Digital cameras with a minimum of 16mp. If a rechargeable battery is included the charger is required.


Laptops or desktops. We only take Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Mac computers. They have to be in good, working condition and include the chargers and any software that was included with your purchase.

Laptops-up to $125

Desktops-up to $150

Mac Computers-up to $300


Apple iPads, Samsung Galaxy, Asus, Toshiba, Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nooks, Microsoft, Acer. Must have the original chargers with the items.

iPads-up to $200

Galaxy tabs-up to $100

Microsoft Surface-up to $150

We do take other items but this will give you an idea. Call the pawn shop in Shreveport to find out other items at (318) 688-8310.