How Does It All Work?

Step 1

Bring In Your Item

The first step to any pawn is to bring in the item(s) you’d like to use as collateral. People often ask if we’re able to give a rough estimate over the phone, but the reality is that without being able to both see and inspect your item(s) in person, there’s not much that we can do to help.
Step 1

Step 2


Once you’ve brought your item(s) in, we’ll assess a loanable value to them. Depending on the item, we may be able to loan you up to 70% of its retail value.
Step 2

Step 3

A Bit Of Paperwork

Once we’ve determined how much we’ll be able to lend you, we’ll have to do a bit of paperwork and your item(s) will placed in safe keeping until the end of your loan’s term.
Step 3

Step 4

Decisions, Decisions

At the end of the loan terms, you may do one of three things. You might choose to:

• pay to extend the time period of the loan
• pick your item up for the amount loaned PLUS the interest that has incurred on the loan
• forfeit the item, without any other concerns or headaches
Step 4


We take any type or style of jewelry. It doesn't even matter if your piece is broken, we will always give you fair market value for your gold, platinum and silver.

Game Systems

We accept most game systems if they have their chargers and are in good working condition including Sony PlayStation 3 & 4, Microsoft Xbox 360 & One, and Nintendo Wii U, DSi, 3DS & Switch.

Video Games

We accept games for all of the game systems we take as long as they are in their original case and are not scratched or damaged.


We'll accept any TV 19" or bigger as long as it's in good working condition, and is no older than five years. Remote is not required but are nice to have if possible.

DVD & Blu-Ray Players

We'll accept most DVD or Blu-Ray players as long as they are in good working condition. Like TV's, a remote is not required but is nice to have if possible.

DVD & Blu-Ray Movies

We take both DVD's and Blu-Ray movies. They must have their original case and can not be scratched or damaged.


We take all kinds of tools as long as they are in good, clean condition. We do take loose tools and tool boxes as well.

Musical Instruments

We accept virtually all musical instruments including guitars (electric, acoustic, and bass), keyboards, and brass of any description.


We accept cameras as long as they are digital and with a minimum of 16mp. If a rechargeable battery is included the charger is required.

Computers & Laptops

We accept both laptops and desktops. They must be in good, working condition and include the chargers and any software that was included by their manufacturer.


We accept Apple iPads, Samsung Galaxy, Asus, Toshiba, Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nooks, Microsoft, Acer. Must have the original chargers with the items.